Forensic Email Intelligence Dongle Add-on


USB hardware dongle add-on for existing Forensic Email Intelligence (FEI) users. Upon purchase of this add-on, a USB hardware dongle will be prepared and shipped to you. The hardware dongle will replace your license key.

Important note: This purchase includes only the USB hardware dongle add-on. You will still need to purchase a Forensic Email Intelligence (FEI) license in order to use this dongle.



The Forensic Email Intelligence (FEI) hardware dongle is a USB security dongle which allows you to use FEI on one computer where the dongle is attached. This provides flexibility in moving the license across different computers without having to deactivate and reactivate the software license key.

Your Purchase Includes

  • One USB security dongle.


  • Existing license of Forensic Email Intelligence (FEI).
  • Available USB port on the computer where FEI will be used.