Forensic Email Intelligence Annual Maintenance Renewal


Annual maintenance renewal for existing Forensic Email Intelligence (FEI) users. Upon purchase of this item, your FEI maintenance period will be extended for one year starting from when your last maintenance period ended. Can be used for both license key and hardware dongle-based FEI licenses.

Important note: This purchase includes only the annual maintenance renewal for one FEI license. You need to have an existing Forensic Email Intelligence (FEI) license to which this renewal will be applied.

If you have multiple licenses to renew, you can purchase multiple units of this item—one per license.

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Extending your Forensic Email Intelligence (FEI) maintenance allows you to receive product updates. The extension will be applied to your account starting from the end of your last maintenance period, without any gaps.

If you purchased multiple FEI licenses using the same billing information, please send us a note and let us know to which license the maintenance renewal should be applied.

Annual maintenance renewal is stackable. That is, you can purchase multiple units of this item to extend your maintenance by multiple years.



  • Existing license of Forensic Email Intelligence (FEI).